Choose a well-established path. Choose a character, an epic adventure, countless foes that want you dead, the same goddamned old storyline filled with cliches from the fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons world. Zenith chose NOT to choose this.


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Instead, Zenith chose a different path, one that makes fun of every living and long-dead RPG.

It may not have the best gameplay in terms of combat and it may not be a super long story-driven fantasy game. But it DOES have humor – and very good humor we might add –plus great dialogues that color the world around them.

If you’re an RPG player, yet you want to experience something different never quite imagined before, you may want to choose Argus and his path to peace and quiet… sort of. The world is a pretty busy place and Argus can’t just retire and live a mundane life. Some pesky wizards and adventurers will make sure of that.

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