Yoku’s Island Express


Help Yoku wake an old god from its slumber and guide him in his adventures. Be sure to take the ball and use it with confidence. Yoku will definitely need that. Remember, the island of Mokumana is counting on you.


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Yoku’s Island Express is an Indie gem with quite unique mechanics. It’s not your standard platformer but rather a mix between Metroidvania and pinball.

You have to lead Yoku through his adventures on the tropical island of Mokumana. Complete levels in this open-world adventure, unlock amazing abilities by helping your friends, and fight epic bosses by delivering the final… ball.

Enjoy the beautiful artwork in the process and be sure to take a peek at the storyline. You will encounter charming characters and discover the long-forgotten secrets of the island. Who knows, you may even contribute to rebuilding the post office.

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