Yesterday Origins


Yesterday Origins is the type of adventure point & click game that revolves around the duality of reality. You can either love it or simply hate it, you can either immerse yourself in the story or you can detach yourself from all the physical violence you’ll encounter by just reliving John’s life.


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John Yesterday is immortal and so is his girlfriend. To understand their choices and why they have to reinitiate the ritual that made them immortal, you have to relive the distant past, the Dark Ages, when John was accused of witchcraft & could have very well died as a result of this accusation. Instead, he is made immortal and hundreds of years after the event, he goes through some type of… midlife crisis?!

Find out what’s really going on by not only revisiting the past but also some pretty dark locations in the present. Beware though, this is not for the faint of heart. This is a Pegi 18 game, so your discretion is advised.

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