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If you are a big fan of old-school hardcore platformers and you also have some amount of cryptocurrency accumulated from a faucet, then Wings of Vi might very well be the best digital product you can possibly buy on the Internet.


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Wings of Vi is quite a popular Indie gem among the hardcore platformer players.

It may not be Cuphead in terms of stunning graphics and replayability, but it certainly has its merits and paying just 0.25 EUR on bitcoinGD store to have it will certainly add to its overall value.

The developers tried to eliminate the random spikes in difficulty that will get any player frustrated and came up with a system that is entirely skill-based. Yet, that means to succeed, you will have to fail and die a lot. Normal is like hardcore for the casual players so be sure to adjust your difficulty properly when you first play the game. The levels are fun and the monsters unique and challenging.

Overall, while it may frustrate you, at the end of the day, if you finish it, you will feel the same degree of satisfaction as if you have just finished Cuphead.

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