Nostalgia time! Toki is a remake of an old arcade platformer initially created for the once-popular arcade machines in 1989. Now, 30 years later, Toki has been redone completely graphic- and soundtrack-wise while still keeping the hardcore element in the gameplay.


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‘Harder than Dark Souls,’ said one reviewer on Steam platform after playing a mere 3 hours worth of arcade platformer Toki. Why is that, you wonder? The developers, Microids decided to keep the ‘credits’ and ‘lives’ system of old, just like you would see it on an arcade machine. No saves, no nothing. Did you forfeit all your lives? Well, you have to start from the beginning, you know.

Apart from these ‘shortcomings’ as some would see them, the platformer is a real gem, there is no doubt about it.

You are a warrior turned in a crazy monkey by an evil wizard who also happened to have stolen your girlfriend. Can you help her? Can you help yourself? Both are really tedious tasks so prepare yourself for a Dark Souls type of gaming experience.

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