The Invisible Hours


From the developers of RiME, The Invisible Hours is a unique proposition to play a detective mystery kind of gameplay. You aren’t the detective, you don’t interact with the characters, yet you can observe their every move. The murderer is within your reach.


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If you are bored with the traditional detective-like games, you can certainly try out a theatrical experience with The Invisible Hours.

The plot starts predictably: someone invites a bunch of people to his mansion for a chance for redemption. This someone is killed and it’s up to you to find who did it. Ring a bell?

What happens from here, it’s your choice. You get to follow the characters around, observe their reactions, and listen to what they have to say. Obviously, nobody is willing to admit the killing, yet all are ready to blame the others.

While the gameplay is quite short, you definitely won’t be bored. Whether it’s the plot or simply the beautiful graphics, you will get your money’s worth.

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