The Hex


It is hard to describe or to categorize The Hex. It’s actually a quite unique mix of genres & perspectives all beautifully blended in into an Indie game that impressed many gamers from its release to this day. A must-play for all Indie enthusiasts out there!


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Daniel Mullins Games did it again. After the immense success with puzzle hacking game Pony Island, they released a new gem, late in 2018 called The Hex.

A crowd gathers in an inn to protect themselves from the storm and the innkeeper receives a dubious phone call that warns him one client of his is actually planning a murder. You have to solve this mystery and, in order to do it, you have to dig into the suspects’ past. While doing so, you’ll be forced to adjust to different game mechanics, from a traditional arcade fighting style to RPG and JRPG elements, all in one game. Discover the suspects’ dark secrets and witness quite an unpredictable ending.

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