The Final Station


The Apocalypse has happened and it has something to do with… ‘The First Visitation’? Luckily, you are one of the few survivors who has to constantly salvage any worthy lives and keep a train going, at the same time.


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The Final Station is a Pixel-Graphic survival PC Game awarded with the Grand Prize at the Indie Game Cup of 2015 and Dev GAMM Minsk, in the same year.

You are one of the few survivors from an alien apocalypse that brought the human race to the brink of extinction. To avoid this grim future, you have to keep a train up & running at all times, take care of the survivors inside of it, and save more, where you can, outside of the comfort of your locomotive.

Be careful when you step outside, however. Your ammo is very limited and the hoards of alien scum are basically limitless. Use your resources wisely and maybe… just maybe, the next station won’t be your final one.

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