Sword Legacy: Omen


While there is quite a bit of frustration related to how short it is (8-10 hours), Sword Legacy Omen is quite a good turned-based strategy game with Comic-style graphics set in the Arthurian age, in Broken Britannia. A must-play at the price of admission of just 1.5 EUR!


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It is time to reclaim what’s rightfully yours, Uther. Disgraced and with your loved one kidnapped, you have to fight and fulfill your destiny. Yes, that includes grabbing and handling the mythical sword Excalibur.

Create a party worthy of legend, level up and customize your skills, fight enemies & unique bosses, follow the storyline with unique comic-style cutscenes, find Excalibur, defeat the powerful duke of Wessex, and save your loved one.

As you’ll progress, you’ll notice this is not the classic Arthur legend, but rather a re-imagined story with similar characters – Merlin included – and similar grim & dark setup that is Britannia, a broken land ravished by greed and corruption at all levels.

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