Surviving Mars


It’s time to claim our place in the solar system and truly become a space civilization. With your help, we might just be able to do it in Surviving Mars. Maybe our Moon won’t end up to be our first colony establishment, maybe Mars will.


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Paradox has once again delivered showing to the game world that they can develop other games too, not just Grand Strategy legends. Cities Skylines was its first truly successful attempt of a game-changing city builder. Surviving Mars followed and more than one year after the release, we can say it is a huge success.

This time, the city building mechanics are much more interesting and futuristic as all the action happens on the Red Planet, Mars. You have to build a long-lasting & self-sustaining colony as the first human foothold on a rock other than Earth. Build infrastructures, choose your research, and discover the secrets of Mars in one of the best sci-fi city builders out there.

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