Super Inefficient Golf


Why use a stick when you can blow your golf ball away into the hole? This is what Super Inefficient Golf is all about: craziness, steep learning curve (no tutorials), and definitely a lot of fun. Now at an all-time low of just 0.25 EUR on bitcoinGD store.


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Super Inefficient Golf is a casual neat game that shatters all you ever knew about golf and recreates it with a boom.

That’s right; you won’t need to choose the most suitable stick, only the most suitable explosives that you can attach to your golf ball. Each explosive has its own feature as you’ll learn by playing the recreated sport – don’t expect the game to hold your hand along the way, because it most definitely won’t. Most importantly, don’t expect efficiency and logic to be part of the scoring system. No, getting the ball into the hole isn’t the only thing that matters, it also matters how you get it there & what kind of acrobatic aerial turns are you willing to make beforehand.

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