Parkour with missiles, mines & grappling hooks. Just be sure to call three of your friends and set up a game of SpeedRunners. The race will only be limited by your learning curve and creativity. Get it now!


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It’s time to embrace your inner Jordan in a fun multiplayer racing parkour-type PC Game and play SpeedRunners with all your friends.

You could actually solve the ‘who is the most competitive’ conundrum in your possy. You can do it whatever… locally or online, just be sure to start four at a time, in each race. Trick your friends, use missiles, mines, hooks and & other items from a very responsive environment, and force them to go off-the-screen, into oblivion.

Don’t just settle for the game’s own map system, create your own using a full-blown map editor or just add the already created ones to spice up the challenge.

Buy SpeedRunners Steam Game with Bitcoin & Crypto today for only 1.5 EUR.


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