Smoke and Sacrifice


Your piece of heaven that is your home is encircled by an unforgiving wasteland. You owe everything to the blazing Sun Tree and you are even willing to sacrifice your firstborn to please the God. Yet, is it a good choice?


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Smoke and Sacrifice is a survival PC game with many RPG and crafting elements, inspired by the much popular Don’t Starve.

Your name is Sachi and you have just sacrificed your firstborn for the good of the community. Or was it? You soon realize you may have done a huge mistake, so you begin a journey of discovery. The journey will take you into the harsh underworld. To survive, you have to master crafting and fight perilous enemies that will attack with every step you make. Can you uncover the dark truth related to the sacrifice of your firstborn? Or will you die in smoke, oblivious to what had happened to your child?

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