You don’t need to be an aeronautical engineer to build planes. SimplePlanes helps you live the dream and try all your made planes out as a pilot, in a realistic environment, plus dozens of unique challenges that will take your machine to the brink.


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SimplePlanes is a building simulation sandbox, designed to please any aeronautical engineer wannabe.

Build your airplanes from square one, attach wings, find the best location for your engines, add a cockpit, and hop in. You also have the ability to test them and see how your inventions handle the high winds. Plus you can mod & design your own parts with the game’s exclusive Unity package.

If you aren’t in the mood for building yourself, no problem. You can always download from over 100,000 airplanes models, anything from World War 2 legendary planes to today’s futuristic wonders. Challenge yourself, dodge missiles, and land the models safely.

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