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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an RPG NPC vendor? Have you ever thought there would be a game that can offer you that experience? Indeed, there is and Shoppe Keep 2 is its name. Try it out now!


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Shoppe Keep 2 – Online co-op open-world first-person resource management RPG by its full name is an interesting management proposition that takes the RPG fan into the unique world of buying and selling items – potions, armor, weapons, etc – from and to heroes in need.

To grow your business though, you must attract them with a neat design and plenty of furniture – that will break by the way – plus a clean shiny floor that is worthy of their legendary feats. As you grow though, you’ll also attract thugs and rogues who want to steal from you without paying a single coin. You’ll also find other vendors who want you to go out of business, thus pay careful attention to your competition too.

Grow your shop and help the town grow around you for even more hero traction.

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