To kill or not to kill… that is the question in Shadwen. What happens though when you have a little girl with you whom you must protect at all costs? Can you show her what a ruthless killer you are? Or maybe you can show her stealth and empathy does solve a lot of things.


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Your main quest, Shadwen is to kill the king as smooth & quiet as possible. However, after you encountered a young orphan girl by the name of Lily, your priorities are about to change… or are they? Can you still do your job as an assassin while Lily is watching your every step?

Be wary though… avoid being seen at all costs because, in most cases, that leads to your character dying. For a smooth experience, there is an interesting mechanic called time rewind that will let you take a few steps back into the past and undo your mistake… or maybe find a more original way to get past the guards.

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