SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell


Imagine a fast-paced Quake 3 with a lot of metal elements in it. Did you? Then how about jump on the SEUM bandwagon and give this game a try. Don’t worry, Marty won’t bite. Just the demons will as Marty learned from his own experience.


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Marty is pissed off after some demons ripped his arm and on top of it all stole his last batch of Walrus Ale. Who cares about the arm when you can reattach the full-blown demon’s arm onto your socket? It’s all about the beer. Marty MUST get his beer back ASAP. Even if that means going to hell.

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is a fast-paced parkour FPS platformer with 100 devilish levels and many enemies to kill and dodge. Not to enter empty-handed in the depths of Hell, Marty ‘borrowed’ a demon’s arm that can throw fireballs at enemies. Can you help him survive all the way? Can you top the highest score and receive the Uber Skull medals?

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