The Internet surveillance-based dystopian future is here. Can you help Hope escape it? Or she will fall in line like any other citizen of Republique? Watch her story unfold using surveillance cameras and the very things Hope despises…


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Hope has had enough. She is a Pre-Cal (short for Pre-Calibration) teenager who has contacted you through your phone. She wants to escape from Metamorphosis – a ‘re-education’ facility for the totalitarian state of Republique – and needs your help. You can guide her through the surveillance cameras you have access to and warn her of the dangers ahead.

Experience the thrill of a literally Prison Break in five exciting episodes, but be prepared to get frustrated fast. Even though the PC game was released early in 2015 and received a fair amount of support on Kickstarter, it still has annoying problems with the controls. If you get past that, you may actually enjoy both the gameplay and the story.

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