Punch Club


Fight your way through life, one punch at a time. Earn money by working hard, spend it all on food & workouts, improve your skills, and live the dream. Don’t work too hard, though. You must find the perfect balance to become a real champ.


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Punch Club is a very popular fighting management PC Game published by tinyBuild, in early 2016.

You start out into the world with a great burden upon your back. Your father was brutally murdered before your eyes and you must avenge him. To do that, you must learn to fight. There are no shortcuts, only grind, day in and day out. Climbing the boxing ladder is serious business and you need to invest time in improving your skills.

However, workouts can deplete your energy fast and you must eat & sleep to recover. Not to mention you need money to buy food & pay for your gym subscription. A steady job is necessary, yet how about your dream? How will you manage your life?

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