PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition


It’s payday time with PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition. Call three of your friends or find them online and choose a life of crime in the Washington DC area. Play the full game and never pay a dime more for future content, guaranteed!


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PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition is a thrilling four-player co-op action shooter with plenty of jobs to choose from. Rob banks, work with shady local contacts for kidnappings, cyber-crime, and even small-time convenience store hits. Invest in your skills & weapons and also choose your mask that will define you as a villain in the Washington DC area.

The Ultimate Edition includes countless updates throughout the years and a total of 150 more weapons, 15 more characters, 250 more masks, and 50 more heists. Moreover, with the Ultimate Edition, you won’t have to pay for future DLC releases. All you have to do is just enjoy it at the special price of just 8 EUR.

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