Party Hard 2


The party is back in your town… and you have to put an end to it, once it for all. You decide how you’re going to do it, whether is just by killing every single one of those party people, or just a few of them… it’s all doable in Party Hard 2.


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Party Hard 2 is the sequel of the beloved Pixel-Graphic PC Game Party Hard, both published by tinyBuild.

It’s 3 AM and once again, you have to be a party pooper and spoil everyone else’s fun. New traps and fighting combos are added, a revamped crafting system, plus 3D visuals that my not be as good as they look, though. Don’t worry though, if you enjoyed the first game, you will still have a blast in the sequel with the AI constantly throwing things at you like destroying a drug syndicate… and preventing an alien invasion??

Don’t be afraid to bring a friend over and play a co-oop game that will break any party, no matter the craziness and fun.

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