Moto Racer 4


It’s time to witness the thrill of motor racing on asphalt or dirt alike. No, you don’t have to buy an off-road motorcycle and tune it, nor you don’t have to travel to distant parts of the world. Just buy Moto Racer 4 at an all-time low price of just 1 EUR on bitcoinGD store.


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Moto Racer 4 is an action-packed arcade racing game where you can experience many adrenaline spikes based on your comfort (or lack thereof) zone. Choose your category – dirt or asphalt – immerse yourself into the progression mode, customize your bike, and win the championship, the ultimate reward for your outstanding biking skills.

When you’re done with single-player and you feel comfortable enough to play against a human opponent, try out the multiplayer mode, whether it’s simply local on the same display, split-screen enabled, or online, up to ten players, you will have the opportunity to spin them out of the road and become the last man standing in an adrenaline-filled race.

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