Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock


Merchant vessel Morningstar has crash-landed on an alien planet and it’s up to you to save what’s left of your crew & find your way home. Discover the secrets of the planet and why there is another ship standing about with no signs of life whatsoever.


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Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock is a nostalgic point-and-click adventure game meant to be played by both new casual players & diehard hardcore adventure fans.

After a dangerous descent to what seemed like a lifeless rock, the crew of the Morningstar is without a leader… sort of. Your captain is injured and cannot help in any way, that’s why is up to you to find a way out.

Explore the alien environment & find clues to what lies in front of you and why there is a much bigger ship that crash-landed just like Morningstar. And what happened to its crew? It certainly doesn’t look like they died of natural causes.

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