You’re sick and you don’t quite know how much time you have left. A week? Two? Maybe a month? You’re in a race against the clock and against something that is lurking in the bushes. You must find the cure now!


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Miasmata is a not your typical survival & exploration game. It does NOT hold your hand nor guide you. You have to find your own path with only a compass and a notebook in your backpack.

You’re a scientist and you have been infected with a deadly disease that could kill you at any moment. You’re thrown by the world on an island where a cure may be within your grasp. Yet, there is something lurking in the bushes, stalking you. Does it want you dead? And where are the other scientist that should have been here researching for the cure?

So many questions, but so few answers and it’s up to you to find them to ultimately save your own life.

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