Men of War: Vietnam Special Edition


Men of War saga is back this time with a brand new chapter that’s all about the Vietnam War, an infamous chapter of the 20th century’s Cold War. See the happenings from both perspectives to better understand what really happened in Vietnam, in the 60s and early 70s.


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Men of War: Vietnam Special Edition it is not your average lack-of-color RTS military game that depicts a dull chapter of the 20th century. It is, in fact, a surprisingly good gem that gives the player the possibility to experience war from both sides of the Cold War: Soviets & Americans.

Choose the Americans for some unforgettable characters that will force you to make hard decisions in order to take control of North Vietnam. Choose the Commies – two Soviet military consultants & two soldiers in the North Vietnam army – and fend off the powerful US army in the attempt to reach friendlier grounds.

Besides the base game, you will also receive the Special Edition Upgrade Pack DLC that includes three new multiplayer maps and five single-player scenarios, also playable in co-op.

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