Men of War: Red Tide


Men of War saga returns with a sequel that will make you cringe whenever you are in the heart of the battle. This time, you fight for the control of the Black Sea & the Black Coats might get the job done… or will they? It’s up to you to find out in Men of War: Red Tide


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War is merciless, frustrating & painful. So should a Real-Time Strategy military game that wants to recreate World War II. Men of War: Red Tide is such a gem.

Complete 23 total missions in an all-out war between Soviets, Germans, Romanians, and Italians. Recreate six intense historical battles and landing operations with the help of realistic tanks, artillery, armored cars, planes, warships & boats.

Try out the infamous Black Coats, the Soviet Marines as they shatter their opponents even though they are outnumbered. Be prepared to spend countless, frustrating hours in front of your PC honing your military skills and conquering the map. This is not a casual game for casual players by any means.

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