Men of War: Condemned Heroes


Take command of the infamous Soviet penal battalion and complete missions against all odds for a chance to live as free men once more. Many would say it’s an impossible game; few however who enjoy challenges will say it’s the perfect game for any true RTS hardcore player.


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The chance of your small battalion is here and now in Men of War: Condemned Heroes.

You control a bunch of outcasts that can redeem themselves by outsmarting the foe and take control of important strategical locations for Stalin. Play all four campaign missions to relive the true story of the Soviet penal battalion, no myths and legends, just facts & real military equipment.

All missions seem impossible at first with just a bunch of heroes thrown out into the open against a legion of enemies. Those missions can be completed, though, without a doubt. That’s the way the penal battalion fought in World War II, between 1942 and 1945, in the Eastern front. Few real RTS players are up for the task. Are you among them?

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