Mars: War Logs


Immerse yourself into an epic dystopian sci-fi world where the most dependable resource for survival is scarce and tightly controlled by a handful of greedy companies. Choose your role and reshape the future of Mars.


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Water is hard to come by a century after the cataclysm in Mars: War Logs.

Roy must find a way to save all colonies but what path will you choose for him? Develop your character, choose traits, pick your weapon of choice and start exploring. Most definitely, you will find the story and the lore behind it captivating. You will also have to make decisions that will affect Roy’s personal life directly.

All in all, we can certainly bet you will get your money’s worth especially with such a low price, only 1 EUR, even though there will be complaints regarding the actual gameplay and crafting. The story alone is worth much more than half a EUR.

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