Infinite Air with Mark McMorris


A game designed with the help of pro snowboarder Mark McMorris for all the fans out there. Realistic physics mechanics, stunning snow-filled environments, and a world editor that can make any snowboarding-related dream come true, that’s what Infinite Air with Mark McMorris is all about.


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Whether you are a fan of the Skate series or whether you don’t necessarily like (nor can afford) Steep, then Infinite Air with Mark McMorris might be the steam game for you, especially if you are into snowboarding.

Follow the top pros & control them in a unique realistic environment that is all about snowboarding and nothing else. Don’t worry about replayability: besides the real-world events and parks, you can compete in a procedurally generated environments that can change at a click of a button. Moreover, you can also customize the park of your dreams for the ultimate challenge. No programming skills needed, just some time & your endless imagination.

So go ahead, spend crypto, buy Infinite Air with Mark McMorris steam key on bitcoinGD store for just 2.5 EUR, and start creating.


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