Fed up with the grindfest in Warthunder or other similar games in the genre? Then try Heliborne, a quite unique helicopter action gem that takes you into the helicopters of the 20th and 21st century. Historical accuracy included.


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Heliborne is a military tactical Indie game that’s all about helicopters. Fly and fight while discovering all weapon technologies for each period.

Want to sense a little bit of reality from the War of Vietnam? No problem! Want a more modern challenge and see for yourself the Kosovo conflict from mid-air? You can get that also.

Play the AI in single-player missions and after that, try your skills with some real players in many competitive multiplayer modes such as Skirmish and Frontline. Fly over 40 legendary helicopters from the mid-50s to the early 2000s and be the best pilot in the game.

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