Grey Goo Definitive Edition


Peace never lasts long. Three galactic races made a truce in an attempt not to annihilate each other, but now, they must face a new destructive force, known as the Shroud. Who will destroy the threat once and for all? The Humans, the Beta, or the Goo?


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Grey Goo Definitive Edition is a Steam collection comprised of the Grey Goo PC game, the Emergence campaign DLC, plus the beautiful soundtrack.

It is a classic RTS much like StarCraft but with (maybe) a better story. A new threat is on the horizon and you must choose from three races to face it. The Humans are defense masters, Beta is quite a versatile race, while the Goo’s are… well, an enigma. Play each of the three races and uncover their history and their intentions.

Try the multiplayer mode, also, if you liked the main campaign. Play against friends online or using the old LAN mode and show them who’s really in charge.

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