Grand Ages: Rome


Rewrite your own version of history. Help Rome avoid crisis & rise as the only true power in the Ancient known world. Build cities, manage the economy of your empire, and engage your military units in battle, against the imperial enemy.


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Grand Ages: Rome is a unique 4X strategy game – eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate – that takes the player in Ancient Rome. There, he/she has to help the great city-state become a great empire once more.

Play the epic campaign in which you will meet the likes of Julius Caesar, Marcus Antonius, or Cleopatra. Complete all 40 missions and reshape the known world with buildings that will forever celebrate your victory.

If you are more of a social player, then this 4X strategy gem will fulfill your every need. The online multiplayer has 6 different strategy modes, from basic challenge to a random matching game where you’ll meet an unknown foe of the same skill in battle.

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