Grand Ages: Medieval


The time is now, player. Found your own little settlement in medieval Europe, help it grow until you have finally established an empire. The playstyle may not be for all Grand Strategy gamers, nevertheless, it’s still a good empire simulation.


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Grand Ages: Medieval is a mix of Grand Strategy, economic management, and RTS combat, all-in-one.

Build your empire from humble beginnings, establish trades, explore and expand through both military and economic domination.

The world is truly gigantic, like a real continent with 20 different goods to produce and trade. To complete the game, you have to witness all the wonders of Medieval Europe while researching 50 major technological advancements. Like with any big empire, the military aspect also plays a very important part, as you’ll have to build an army to expand and defend your territory.

Multiplayer mode is also available and can take up to 8 players at a time.

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