Garfield Kart


How can you spend a relaxing evening with no pesky chores on sight? You can definitely buy Garfield Kart, install it & start racing. If you think you are much older than just playing a Garfield game, maybe you should consider gifting this neat little game to your son or daughter. Because you must be old enough to have a son or daughter.


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Choose the notorious cartoon character Garfield or maybe one of his seven friends – Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry, and Squeak – take the wheel and race your way to victory in Garfield Kart PC game.

You can choose from up to 18 environments all 3D and all pretty much familiar for anyone who grew up watching Garfield cartoon series. Do not imagine this will be a fair race, not by a long shot. Your opponents will try to down you by throwing lasagnas & pies – to name a few – at you, so be sure to defend yourself. If you can & ultimately if you win, you will unlock some neat features that will grant you the possibility to customize your favorite driver. It’s all up to you, now at just 0.5 EUR worth of your chosen cryptocurrency.

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