Fort Boyard


Everybody knows of the famous French TV game show Fort Boyard. But few have heard about the Fort Boyard PC game released in late June 2019 that tries to recreate the fort’s challenges and bring every player from all around the world into the action.


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If you enjoyed the Fort Boyard TV show, you’ll most likely enjoy the game spinoff, now worth just 1.5 EUR on bitcoinGD store, far less than the retail price of 25 USD/EUR.

Take control of one of the four playable characters and overcome the challenges in the 12 activities based on the popular TV show. Don’t worry, though: for more immersiveness, you’ll also interact with five characters based on the game show.

Collect boyard coins and keys to succeed and, once you get bored playing solo, try the amazing multiplayer mode with your friends. You can either choose co-op or versus in a competitive environment that will give the winning legitimate bragging rights.

Spend crypto & buy Fort Boyard steam key on bitcoinGD store, now at just 1.5 EUR worth of your favorite digital currency.


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