Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS


It’s time to stop complaining and start acting by making the open world of Flashing Lights – Police Fire Emergency Service Simulator a better place. You have plenty of jobs to choose from and with a playable multiplayer, it might be just the game for you.


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The emergency services simulator genre might not be fully developed as of yet, but Flashing Lights can make anyone experience the thrill of saving lives. And it’s still in early access!

You can choose your role: a police officer ready to crush criminals & handling park tickets, a firefighter, ready to fend off big fires and help anyone stuck let’s say in a car crash, and emergency medical specialist, ready to diagnose & treat injuries on the spot. Each and every one has unique vehicle and equipment & each and every one must treat the job with utmost responsibility.

There is also a fun multiplayer mode available that can truly enhance your experience from cooperating with other fellow Flashing Lights to actually helping other players in need.

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