Have you ever wanted an oldie but goodie 2D side-scrolling platformer with a rich story that immerses you into a Blade Runner type of world? You now got your wish with the arrival of Dex on bitcoinGD store at the lowest price on the web.


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You’re a female protagonist with some neat cyborg augmentation elements that will enhance the gameplay in no time.

Like any true cyberpunk story, you have to game a rigged system that controls each and every one. The choice is yours on how you actually do it. Are you interested in a diplomatic approach? You can do that. Don’t worry if you are a guns-blazing type of player, there a place for you in the story, too. Just to be sure to act & give the city of Harbor Prime the chance it most definitely deserves. Don’t forget to try out the catchy hacking games in the process. It will make your gaming experience even more pleasant.

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