Devil Daggers


For an arcade shooter of the 90s, Devils Daggers is quite a copycat: smooth movement mechanics that can help you survive & only daggers to defend yourself from hordes and hordes of demons. Don’t worry if you die… we all do at some point.


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With its creation, early in 2016, Sorath tried to recreate the impending doom feeling you had in the 90s every time you played an arcade.

The gameplay is fairly simple: you stand in quite a small arena and, to survive, you have to kill demons that spawn from literally everywhere. You kill them by shooting magic daggers that can be enhanced with demonic crystals. Naturally, you obtain these crystals by killing even more demons. Yet, as you kill more demons, the spawning rate increases… a neverending vicious cycle, indeed. In other words, Devils Daggers isn’t about surviving… it’s actually about how long you can actually last because death is inevitable.

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