A multiplayer randomized horror game with the distinct possibility of getting you spooked. Play with your friends as a lone team who has to escape a hellhole while another friend is a supernatural abomination looking to kill you all.


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Damned is an interesting project developed and published by 9heads Game Studios in late 2014.

It may not be Friday: the 13th but it’s definitely worth checking out at the current price of just 2 EUR exclusively on bitcoinGD store.

What makes this game a potential must-buy, besides the price? Each time you enter and play it, you are in a different world, randomly generated that will not be familiar, most of the time. You can play either as one of the four members of a lost team who tries to escape from a grim place. Or you can play a monster who hunts the members of the lost team and its only purpose is to kill them. There are different monsters, each with its unique skill set, so be wary. Familiarity definitely isn’t your friend.

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