Cossacks 3


Cossacks 3 takes the ingenuity of the classic Cossacks franchise of the 2000s forward and brings it to the second decade of the third millennium with much-needed updated graphics. Relive history in HD and reshape the world map as we all know it.


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If you didn’t play the Cossacks of old but you’re constantly looking for a modern Age of Empires type of real-time strategy PC game, then we would recommend buying Cossacks 3.

The game developed & published by GSC Game World is an all-in-one combat, army building, city development, and economy gem with amazing replayability thanks to the randomly generated map mode. You can also remake history & play the battle of the medieval times on your display, using thousands and thousands of units to conquer the lands. You have the possibility to choose from five single-player historical campaigns, as well as several other single historical battles. Can you win them all?

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