Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition


Fancy for a game of (American) football but with a different fantasy flavor? Well, Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition might be right up your alley and if you also enjoy the original Warhammer universe, then you definitely have to buy this gem.


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Some may call this game rigged, with an unpredictable & unenjoyable RNG. Others will simply call it difficult & too hardcore to actually master it. Many, however, have loved and still love Blood Bowl, a turn-based fantasy sports game initially developed in 2012 by Cyanide Studios.

Like any other (American) football simulations, you have to pick a team and get the ball into the end zone more than your opponent, whether it’s the AI or another player. To be able to do that though, things get a lot trickier than in a standard NFL game.

Since it’s fantasy, you literally have to destroy your opponents – kill them if necessary. You can also ‘cheat’ – bribe the referee, use illegal weapons, etc. – if you believe this is the only way to achieve victory. The choice is yours.

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