Welcome to a dystopian future where surveillance is everything. You are an integral part of this system as you have to spy on your neighbors and report any wrongdoings against the State. But will you do that? Or will you choose another path?


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Beholder is a unique Indie gem that will make you feel like an utter scum whenever you play it.

You’ve just been appointed the manager of a building with many flats and… many problems. Your job is to help your neighbors whenever they are in trouble. Your REAL job, however, is to eavesdrop, spy, search for your neighbors’ belongings and plant surveillance equipment within the privacy of their homes. If you find any signs of plotting against the mighty State, you have to report them immediately. Or, at least, that’s what the State demands from you. Will you, though? Are you willing to separate families just for the sake of the State? Are you willing to do it for the sake of YOUR family?

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