Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition


Relive the original cRPG experience of the 90s with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, now updated to work on most modern PC & laptops. You don’t need Dungeons & Dragons companions anymore, just a computer and the Sword Coast is yours.


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It’s time to grow up, apprentice. Gorion, you foster father, cannot help you anymore as you are forced to rush into an unexplored world filled with dubious characters and countless beasts all trying to kill you.

Assemble your party on the go, but be careful: not all characters are fit to join you. Find the right people & start exploring the huge world of Sword Coast. Discover your place into the world and some very dark forces that will do pretty much anything to see you dead.

Do not forget to study the rich lore everywhere you go to truly experience an old-school Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Act now, spend your crypto & buy Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition steam key on bitcoinGD store. A true D&D’er won’t be disappointed.


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