Anima Gate of Memories


This may not be a Diablo or Path of Exile-type of ARPG, but it has its similarities with the likes of Devil May Cry and Darksiders. Hack and slash your way through the enemies and have the leading role in the great war that takes place in the shadows.


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Anima Gate of Memories is a hack-and-slash action (J)RPG initially released in June 2016. Since then, it has had mixed reviews because of the control system.

Most players, however, did enjoy the story and the unique style Anima proposes to the gaming industry. You are two characters in one, a girl who lost her memories, Ergo and an ancient demon, The Bearer of Calamities. You can’t use them both simultaneously, but you can switch to one character or another when the situation requires to do so. You can even make the switch in the middle of the combat, leading to quite incredible combos.

Take part in an epic war and explore the huge world so both of you can find your peace.

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