Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders


A fun little mystery detective game that can fill in the blanks during a dull weekend with many puzzles to solve and one villain to catch. While the puzzle system may not be for everybody, it can definitely stimulate your mind.


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You probably have heard of the private detective Hercule Poirot created by the famous mystery story writer Agatha Christie by now. You may even have read a few novels in which Poirot is center-stage. If you have, then you might be pleasantly surprised to find out Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders steam game reproduces the Christie’s world quite accurately.

You are Hercule Poirot and your job is to catch a serial killer who goes by the name of ‘ABC.’ You’ll find many puzzles within the game that once solved, will help you gather important clues and get Poirot one step closer to discovering the real identity of the serial killer.

Enjoy the beautiful animations, a voice acting worthy of the famous TV series, and game mechanics that should test your detective’s brain.

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