The Adventure Pals


Another super-affordable platformer is available for you on bitcoinGD store that will make you forget about popular titles like Cuphead. Don’t be fooled by the childish graphics; The Adventure Pals is truly an Indie gem for all ages.


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Someone who wants to transform all into delicious hot dogs has just kidnapped your father and it’s up to you to save him. You and your two pals, The Giraffe & Mr. Rock.

While this may sound childish, the gameplay of The Adventure Pals is one of a kind and intended for all ages. Your two friends can help you avoid certain doom so be sure to use them wisely, whenever you are in danger.

Explore five distinct worlds, level up with a cause, and be prepared to face some serious challenges towards the end. While the beginning of the game is quite forgiving, the end may give you a lot of headaches.

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