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bitcoinGD was established as a Bitcoin & crypto ready store by the gamers, for the gamers.

We mostly promote and sell Indie steam games for cheap, but we’ll also list some of the most coveted triple A PC games at record lows, from time to time. Spend crypto with us now!

Bitrupt Media Network

We are part of a bigger media network called Bitrupt. Bitrupt is an independent organization created to change the current Bitcoin & crypto culture that is based on hoarding. To succeed, we must differentiate ourselves as a community from the toxic values promoted by a bankrupt society. Wealth is not necessarily the primary goal for a better world, building something long-lasting is.

Bitrupt Media Network


Why are we doing what we are doing?

We strive for a better future for both the vendors and the consumers & the blockchain technology has the best chances to deliver it.

  • Decentralization
  • Sovereignty
  • Freedom 

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Check out our unbeatable GameDeals, choose what you want to buy from our shop, spend crypto, PLAY & repeat. We currently accept Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Zcash. Our Bitcoin Lightning Network store will be available soon. Stick around for updates, as well as for new & exciting GameDeals at a fraction of the full price.