Get Steam Games Cheaper With Bitcoin Lightning Network

Get Steam Games Cheaper With Bitcoin Lightning Network

Ever since we started out our journey with bitcoinGD store, almost half a year ago, our main target has been to fully support decentralized systems that give control back to the end-user. This is why we made an effort to first open our store on the peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace openbazaar so that the buyer can experience the fully-fledged future the blockchain is offering: anonymous, reliable & independent.

Openbazaar was just the first step. Last month, we finally managed to integrate the BTCPay Server payment gateway on our platform, just like we promised last summer. The reasons why we avoided the third-party cryptocurrency gateways have to do with their centralized nature. While centralization may be convenient to a point, it is also a source of discontent due to excessive control & profit-driven decisions.

Open-source project BTCPay Server solves such problems making any purchase an easy & hassle-free experience.

What Is BTCPay Server?

BTCPay Server is an open-source payment gateway that anyone can implement to help boost sales via Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies.

The project created by Nicolas Dorier is a fork from the popular centralized gateway BitPay. Dorier forked the payment gateway into a new trustless system that can be self-hosted as a response to the political decisions BitPay has made during the famous SegWit hard fork in August 2017.

Since then, BitPay has continued its aggressive marketing towards monopolizing the Bitcoin payment niche with high transaction fees, additional unnecessary fees, plus promoting a new payment system not based on addresses but on URLs that worked only with certain wallets.

BTCPay Server went on a different direction to help vendors around the world self-hosting their own payment server & customizing freely without any third-party limitations.

What Does It Mean For You, The Buyer?

Most importantly, with BTCPay Servery, the buyer avoids any extra fees that come up with most centralized Bitcoin payment gateways. The only fees that you will ever pay will be the notorious miners’ fee that you can customize yourself, in your chosen wallet. Therefore, you avoid any attempts a centralized party may have to force you into using a specific Bitcoin wallet or service.

Moreover, with bitcoinGD store & BTCPay Server implementation, you don’t need identity verification & certainly, you don’t need to fill in long forms with sensitive information. You do need to provide us with a valid e-mail address to send you the steam key(s) you’ve just bought. Or, as an alternative, you can provide us another suitable communication channel – like a steam ID for example – to receive the steam key(s).

The choice is yours!

Bitcoin Lightning Network Store Is Here!

Another convenient feature that may save you valuable satoshis is the implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network payments with BTCPayServer.

Indeed, after you added your favorite cheap steam game into the cart and completed the last steps, you will be redirected to a payment page where you get to choose how do you want to pay for your order.

BTCPay Server Payment Options

Bitcoin mainnet is the default option, but we strongly recommend to avoid the mainnet especially with micro-transactions such as ours and at peak times when the Bitcoin network is clogged up, thus the recommended miners’ fee is high.

Instead, if you are familiar with Lightning Network and have a specialized wallet set up (mobile or desktop) or even your own Lightning Network node, we do recommend choosing the Bitcoin Lightning option for negligible to no fees.

It is important to know you will need to open a channel with our node before completing the order. While the Node info is accessible via the payment page, there is still a 15-minute target that every user must comply with in order to make a successful payment.

BTCPay Server Bitcoin Lightning Payment Example

In other words, the buyer has to broadcast the Bitcoin transaction within the 15-minute time limit. Opening a channel takes time as the process is made via the limited mainnet and usually, the user must wait more than 15 minutes, depending on the size of the mempool.

Thus, for a smooth experience, you will need to open a channel with our public node here by either scanning the QR code if you have a mobile Bitcoin Lightning wallet or by copying & pasting the public key if you have a fully functional local node on other devices like a Raspberry Pi.

1ML bitcoinGD store Bitcoin Lightning Node

There is also the routing possibility, but since Lightning Network is still maybe years away from reaching full potential, there is a high probability you won’t be able to reach our node via the routing system.

Once connected, you can go ahead & complete the order by making a lightning-fast Bitcoin payment with literally no fees.

You can always choose Bitcoin mainnet if you aren’t familiar with the Lightning technology, but always keep an eye on fees, especially when paying for steam games that are under 1 EUR.

As an alternative, you can use our openbazaar store & pay with low-fee cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Zcash.

What are you waiting for? Get steam games cheaper now with our Bitcoin Lightning Network store!

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